Cutting the Mustard

Sep 26, 2017

Football season is in full swing …

Credit Uncle Murle's

swing … and that means -  time for my favorite part of the big game … tailgating!

Part of the fun is grilling up something tasty. I asked Bill Pope of Memphis-based Uncle Murle’s to tell us about their line of BBQ sauces and how to make their Mustard BBQ Flank Steak for our next game day.

“Uncle Murle’s is a company we created to sell our award-winning sauces. We have a barbecue sauce and a spicy version of the barbecue sauce and also a mustard sauce. And all three have won local, state, and national championship trophies.”

Seems the company’s namesake was the origin of this locally-based business.

“Our barbecue sauce is a recipe that was passed down from my great-uncle Murle to my Dad and my Dad passed it down to me when we started doing some BBQ competitions.”

The mustard sauce is all Bill’s creation.

“Our mustard sauce is a recipe I came up with as we did more competitions that had beef categories. And I thought mustard would be a good compliment for the beef. It’s not a honey mustard at all. It’s got some sweetness to it but it’s definitely a mustard sauce with a mustard flavor.”

And here’s how to make his flank steak.

“One great recipe for the mustard sauce is flank steak. Take the flank steak and smother it with the sauce. Put it in the fridge for about an hour – maybe even two just to let it marinate real good. Pull it out and throw it on the grill, cook it to about a medium-rare. Take it off, slice it, and serve it on a sandwich.” 

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Happy Grilling!

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