Here's to the New Year

Dec 27, 2016

There is no better way to toast the New Year than with a bottle of bubbly!

I asked two of my favorite wine experts … Marne Anderson, Vice-President of Wine Sales for Southern Glazer’s of Tennessee, and Charles Warner, owner of Memphis Sommelier … to talk with us about sparkling wines.

“Beginning in the 13th century, Champagne has become associated with the royalty of France.  It became “the wine of kings, and the king of wines.” It was expensive and usually relegated to special events. Of course, what event is more special than New Years Eve? This wine, more than any other, compliments the festive nature of the evening.”

“Real champagne can be quite pricey and it must come from the Champagne region of France to be called champagne. There are several great alternatives at lower price points that provide the same style and taste of champagne. Good alternatives are Cava from Spain, Prosecco from Italy, Cremants from France, and of course some excellent sparkling wines from the United States. You can even find good sparkling wines from England, Mexico, and Tasmania.”

And it turns out there are also many styles of sparkling wines.

“Sparkling wines are available in white, rose, and red … and in many styles from dry to sweet.”

Marne and Charles recommend asking the staff at your local retailer to help with choosing the perfect bottle for you.

And once you have picked out that perfect bottle, Charles has some serving tips.

“A few things to consider when serving champagne. First of all, the bottle must be well chilled. Secondly, place a cloth over the cork and ease the cork out of the bottle slowly.  And of course, never point the bottle at anyone.”

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Happy New Year!