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Brinkley, AR – A fish from Asia has infested waters in eastern Arkansas. Fish biologists say this invasive species has been here for up to 6 years. Now, the Game and Fish Commission are working to eradicate the top-level predator before it gains access to the Mississippi River Basin.

On April 28th a farmer found a Northern Snakehead wiggling along a gravel road in Brinkley, Arkansas.

Memphis, TN – Eric Smith covers real estate for the Memphis Daily News. He spoke with Nicole Erwin about how foreign banks are affecting the Memphis housing market.

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Memphis, TN – Shelby County budget woes are nowhere near resolved. Andy Meek of the Memphis Daily News spoke with Candice Ludlow about the looming budget crisis.

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Memphis, TN – There's hope for those facing foreclosure. The state is encouraging borrowers to contact a housing counselor.

When finances are tight, sometimes all the mail looks like junk. Well, okay, not junk, but you may not want to open that letter from your lender if you are behind in your payments.

Memphis, TN – Will Shade lived on Fourth Street, not too far from Beale.

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Memphis, TN – Blues lovers often make the trek to Memphis to pay tribute to those who created the rich, old-time sound of the delta. Candice Ludlow spoke with a Chicago music teacher who made the pilgrimage to Memphis to pay his respects to his favorite bluesmen. Topping his list was a visit to the gravesite of Will Shade of the popular Memphis Jug Band.

Memphis, TN – : The real estate market meltdown is in the news everyday. Should homeowners receive assistance? Memphians facing foreclosure have the opportunity this weekend to meet with their lender or mortgage servicer - in person - to see if they can reduce the principal or interest rate - and keep their home. Candice Ludlow explains.

Memphis, TN – The Delta Queen is the last steamboat to carry overnight passengers on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Today, it stopped in Memphis as it makes its way to Cincinnati. It's the only wooden boat allowed to carry overnight passengers - and those days are numbered - unless Congress makes an exception.

Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio yesterday argued on the House floor to re-enact the exemption for the Delta Queen to continue overnight voyages on the mighty Mississippi.

Memphis, TN – Scientists may be honing in on the cause of the disappearing honeybees. Apparently, the bees may be too stressed out, and that's what's causing them to fly away from their hives in droves.

Over the past two years, beekeepers, backyard and commercial alike, are losing their bees. Bees are our pollinators.

University of Arkansas Jonesboro Ag Extension Agent Steve Culp says bees are responsible for one third of the food we consume.