Amid Climate And Housing Crises, Cities Struggle To Place Housing Near Transit

Redlands, Calif., is known for its orange groves, its Victorian homes, and its small-town feel. Sixty miles east of Los Angeles, the city is home to about 75,000 people. But that number is expected to get a lot bigger. "Redlands is already changing," says Mayor Paul Foster, "and this is just more of the future that's coming." He's referring to a few sweeping changes coming to Redlands: an increased population and the arrival of a new train that will connect Redlands to the much-larger cities...

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Over a month into this year's legislative session, state representatives are considering some big proposals, including the expansion of Medicaid and whether Gov. Bill Lee's school voucher program should be rescinded. State Representative Jesse Chism and House Minority Leader Karen Camper say there is bipartisan support to move the needle on the state's Medicaid program and push other common agendas such as criminal justice reform.    

Valentine’s Day Dental Message

Feb 12, 2020
Church Health

Did you know that February is not just about hearts, flowers, and candy? It’s

also National Children’s Dental Health Month.  

Special Coverage: New Hampshire Primary

Feb 11, 2020

  This was a live blog and audio of the New Hampshir Primary caucuses. Review the NPR's blog below for the news and scenes of the special coverage, from Tuesday, February 11th.

Jennifer Chandler

Want to impress your Valentine? Cook them a delicious dinner.

BTH: Changes Coming to the Memphis Zoo

Feb 7, 2020

  Over the years, a lack of parking spaces at the Memphis Zoo have been a source of outrage in Midtown, with historic Overton Park becoming a muddy overflow car lot during the peak season. Memphis Zoo President and CEO Jim Dean says a resolution has been found. The zoo is finally planning to build a parking deck on the Prentiss Place parking lot.  



Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander was, for a hot minute, thrust into the spotlight as a Republican who might have been in favor of calling witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. He demurred, however, saying that while House managers proved their case, the President's actions were "inappropriate," but not impeachable. 

This was a live video stream of President Trump addressing the nation a day after the Senate acquitted him of both articles of impeachment. Trump said he was "totally vindicated" after a months-long impeachment inquiry and trial. 

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Court fees and taxes create heavy burdens for people entangled in Tennessee’s criminal justice system, concludes a report from the Tennessee Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Because these financial obligations can lead to crippling legal debt for many trying to start over after incarceration, the report recommends an overhaul of the state’s penal fee system. 

Heart Health

Feb 5, 2020
Church Health

February is traditionally the month for matters of the heart, a time when we’re reminded to take care of our own heart which needs care year-round to help us lead productive and rewarding lives. 

This was a live video stream of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivering the Democratic response to President Trump's 2020 State of the Union address. View her remarks (below), along with annotation and NPR fact checks and analysis. 

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More than 1,100 former Department of Justice officials are calling on Attorney General William Barr to resign after his department lowered the prison sentence recommendation for Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Trump, in a move that's led to accusations of political interference.

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