Report: Americans Are Now More Likely To Die Of An Opioid Overdose Than On The Road

For the first time in U.S. history, a leading cause of deaths — vehicle crashes — has been surpassed in likelihood by opioid overdoses, according to a new report on preventable deaths from the National Safety Council. Americans now have a 1 in 96 chance of dying from an opioid overdose, according to the council's analysis of 2017 data on accidental death. The probability of dying in a motor vehicle crash is 1 in 103. "The nation's opioid crisis is fueling the Council's grim probabilities, and...

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Is Your Recycling Bin Lying to You?

12 hours ago
Katie Riordan

Janet Addison is peering into a large, blue recycling bin on the University of Memphis campus. She does not like what she sees.

“Okay, right now, everything that’s in here is contaminated,” says Addison, who’s been working as a recycling operator for the university for almost two years.

By contaminated she means that along with recyclable items —bottles, papers, cans —there’s also plenty of gunk.

Jennifer Chandler

January is National Slow Cooker Month!

Heidi Kuhn was in the middle of her campaign for Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk when she learned that the office was having financial troubles. The magnitude of those troubles became apparent only after she was elected and started the position.   



On Tuesday, the Memphis City Council finally broke a deadlock that had lasted seven weeks and resulted in a leadership crisis. The problem: members couldn't decide on three appointments for vacant district seats. After the election of a new chairman, Kemp Conrad, the council made relatively fast work finding consensus candidates.

Political analyst Otis Sanford offers his take on this week's events, along with his predictions for local lawmakers as they headed to Nashville for the first few days of this year's Tennessee General Assembly.


With more than 170 acres of rolling hills bordered by stately trees, the Germantown Country Club has been an exclusive oasis for golfers for decades. But with a declining membership and in financial straits, the club is scheduled to close next month

Cervical Health and the HPV Vaccine

Jan 9, 2019
Church Health

If I told you there was a vaccine to prevent cancer, would you get it? 


In the contentious election year that was 2018, the Tennessee GOP made illegal immigration a prominent talking point both in the General Assembly and in various political campaigns.

A Healthy Start

Jan 8, 2019
Jennifer Chandler

This year I made a resolution to eat healthier in the New Year.

The top headlines of 2018 are recapped in this week's WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines with local reporters Bill Dries, Laura Faith Kebede, Ryan Poe and Toby Sells. Among the topics: the midterm elections, police surveillance, and the search for a new Shelby County superintendent. 


As the City of Memphis' Bicentennial celebration gets underway this year, political analyst Otis Sanford points out the positives, especially new growth in the downtown area, a lower murder rate and some recent positive marketing of the city. 

Mayor Jim Strickland is expected to seek a second term this year, and Sanford says that he would likely do well if the election were held tomorrow. 

Speaking of elections: Congressman Steve Cohen -- who is starting his seventh term in office this month -- felt the need to quash rumors of retirement due to health reasons. He says he'll be running in both 2020 and 2022.

Finally, Sanford talks about the on-going impasse in the Memphis City Council over appointments to three vacant seats. He expects that next week's meeting will likely not offer any new resolutions. 


NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., about his questioning of William Barr regarding the steps he'd take to protect the Mueller investigation as attorney general.

One of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers, who relayed messages that were never decoded by enemies in World War II, has died at age 94.

Alfred Newman died Sunday afternoon at a New Mexico nursing home, one of his sons, Kevin Newman, tells NPR.

He says his father was a quiet yet courageous man. "My dad told me that the U.S. was in trouble and when they were calling for him, he needed to answer that call with the armed forces," he says.

Updated at 6:57 p.m. ET

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says she is running for president, joining a growing number of Democrats who are seeking to challenge President Trump in 2020.

Gillbrand announced her decision on CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, saying she is filing her exploratory committee for the White House on Tuesday evening.

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Jennifer Daskal, an associate law professor at American University and a former Justice Department employee, about William Barr's confirmation hearing.

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