ISIS Claims Responsibility For Easter Sunday Bombings In Sri Lanka

Updated at 2:25 p.m. ET The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the devastating Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, according to a posting by the group's Amaq news agency Tuesday. Without offering evidence of its involvement, the group commonly known as ISIS said the suicide attacks that killed more than 320 people were carried out by "fighters of the Islamic State." Amaq also released photos and a video that it said showed eight attackers — including a segment in which the men are...

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Jennifer Chandler a great last minute dinner.

Rhodes College

“Spotlight on Lifelong Learning” is a weekly look at some of the exciting public conversations upcoming around Memphis. Host Jonathan Judaken is the Spence L. Wilson Chair in the Humanities at Rhodes College. 

With more than 300 square miles of infrastructure to support and thousands of employees to pay, the Memphis City budget is no minor piece of accounting.

This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines host Eric Barnes discusses Mayor Strickland's 2020 budget proposal with Memphis City Council Chairman Kemp Conrad, councilman Martavius Jones and City of Memphis CFO Shirley Ford, along with Daily Memphian reporter Bill Dries.

Conrad calls budget planning "a big operation." The mayor's proposal includes a 3 percent pay increase for police and firemen and a 1 percent raise for all other city employees.


Ford says that while the percentages sound low, the “3 percent raise equals to about $9 million and the 1 percent equals to about $1.5 million.”  


Guests also discuss aspects of the budget they believe fall short. Jones says it only has a five-year predicted outlook, but there should be a 10-year outlook plan in order to prepare for the future.  Jones also says the city lacks a growing revenue stream, which he would like to see.  


Guests also talk about local taxes and the future of Memphis’ finances with regard to development and pension programs.




It's been a productive week for Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland. With the presentation of his new budget to the city council, he proposed pay raises, greater funding for MATA, and initiatives to help people fix their homes. 

Attorney General William Barr has released a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election to Congress and the public.

The special counsel spent nearly two years investigating attacks on the 2016 presidential election and whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians behind it.

Immunizations are for Everyone

Apr 17, 2019
Church Health

New parents face many daunting tasks, including protecting their little ones from all those germs out there.

Justin Fox Burks

They are a requisite for a myriad of events ranging from cocktail parties to summer picnic potlucks … and, of course, Easter!

One goal of the Memphis 3.0 plan was to locate anchor points in communities and figure out the best way to invest, develop and aid them.

That entails targeted development, resources and new policies to help those areas thrive. After identifying the anchor points and publishing a several-hundred-page draft of the plan, Memphis 3.0 has hit a couple of roadblocks and the plan is on pause. 


This week, we check in on the status of three issues facing lawmakers in the Tennessee General Assembly. Medical marijuana, though gaining some traction, still hasn't got the votes needed to move forward this year. 

A so-called "Heartbeat Bill," facing legal challenges in other states, has Tennessee legislators doubtful it will come to fruition. Others are backing a "trigger bill" which would ban abortion immediately if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Finally, both the House and Senate have different ideas about school vouchers. 

Have you been screened for oral cancer?

Apr 10, 2019
Church Health

Close to 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year.


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Sri Lanka held its first mass funerals on Tuesday for victims of the Easter Sunday attacks, a string of bombings at churches and hotels that has left a nation in mourning. The death toll rose to 321 people since the first blasts.

Tens of millions of Hindus took a ritual dip in the Ganges River this winter as part of the largest religious festival in the world — the Kumbh Mela. For centuries, the festival has been held in various cities in northern India, including Allahabad.

But when pilgrims arrived this year for the Kumbh Mela, Allahabad had a different name.

Major seed companies have a transparency problem. Farmers can't look up and compare prices for some seeds. Some have turned to co-ops and others to Silicon Valley to try to disrupt the practice.

Democrats have prioritized climate change as an issue in the 2020 presidential campaign. Most candidates have talked about it through the framework of the Green New Deal.

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