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Saggy Pants Songwriter Sort of Says He's Sorry

Dooney Da' Priest's rap song "Pull Your Pants Up" is meant to shame young men in Dallas from wearing saggy britches. It's the signature tune of a Dallas city campaign against so-called saggin'.

After listeners pointed out the homophobia inherent in taunting men for looking like they live "on the down low," Da' Priest says he apologized to the gay community on his MySpace page. Da' Priest says that the song isn't an attack on gay people, and that he was "dealing with the N-word, too."

"Whether their sexual preference is to be a homosexual or being gay, that's their problem," Da' Priest says. "I'm the street, I'm the street priest, and I have real good Christian values on what I believe in, and I am against homosexuality. But this is not the reason why I wrote the song."

On our blog, an open thread: So what if Dooney Da' Priest believes being gay is wrong?

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