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Stories Of 'Appalachia' Unearthed In PBS Series

A new, four-part series traces the history of the people, wildlife and geology of the Appalachian mountains. The creators of Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People discuss the rich stories that have emerged from one of Earth's oldest mountain ranges.

The series investigates Appalachia's many generations of inhabitants — from the first humans who settled in the mountains 14,000 years ago, to the Native Americans and Europeans who fought over the land, to current-day Appalachian residents.

The documentary illustrates the relationship between Appalachia's people and the landscape; how the environment has shaped the residents, but also how residents have tried — with often drastically damaging results — to shape the environment.

Filmmakers Jamie Ross (director and writer) and Ross Spears (producer and writer) explain how today's residents connect with the history of the region. Ronald Eller, a consultant for Appalachia and the author of Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945, discusses the new series.

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