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Supreme Court Rejects Death Row Inmate's Appeal

Troy Davis, who was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1989, has been on death row for 17 years. Davis has always denied his guilt — and seven of nine prosecution witnesses have since recanted their testimony. The Supreme Court's denial to hear Davis' appeal clears the way for his execution.


Jeffrey Rosen, law professor at the George Washington University, legal affairs editor of The New Republic, author of The Supreme Court: The Personalities and Rivalries that Defined America

Robert Blecker, law professor at New York Law School, supporter of the death penalty and subject of the forthcoming documentary Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead

Spencer Lawton, Jr., district attorney of Chatham County, Ga., author of the article "The Execution of Troy Anthony Davis: Will Justice Be Served? Two Views: Trial fair, conviction warranted" for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

State Sen. Vincent Fort responds to Lawton's argument in the article "Execution clearly would be callous act".

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