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Three-Minute Fiction Round 9 Still Open



Always thought you had the chops to write a great story? This could be your chance to prove it. We're still collecting submissions for Round 9 of our Three-Minute Fiction contest. Here's our judge, Brad Meltzer, with this round's writing challenge.

BRAD MELTZER: Your story must revolve around a U.S. president who can be fictional or real.

LYDEN: Now, remember, the story must be under 600 words, only one entry per person. The winner will come on this very show. And the winning story will be read on the program in its entirety. And the Paris Review will also publish the winning story in its December issue. Now, if you need a little advice to get started, here's Brad.

MELTZER: Even in the diabolical box that we've put you in, don't write for us. Don't write for me. Write for you.

LYDEN: And don't forget, the deadline to get your story in is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow night, Sunday, September 23rd. So get going. And for all the rules and to submit your story, you can visit npr.org/threeminutefiction. That's Three-Minute Fiction all spelled out, no spaces. And very good luck.

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