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Join The Education Conversation With Tell Me More


And now we have this programming note for you. On Wednesday, October 10, NPR's TELL ME MORE will host a live radio broadcast and Twitter education forum focusing on issues facing our nation's schools. And leading up to the forum we've invited educators, parents, reporters and everybody else to join in via Twitter to take on these tough issues.

The discussion will range from how to offer the latest high tech in classrooms to why some rural schools are struggling to deliver the basics to their students. And we'll ask whether the skills so many American children need can even be taught in schools. That's especially critical for the millions of kids who are growing up in poverty.

Whether the schools you're concerned about are rural or urban, high income or low, we want to hear your ideas about how to meet the pressing challenges facing our nation's schools. So join us on Twitter today using hash tag #NPREdChat and let's begin the exchange of ideas. To learn more, go to NPR.org and click on the Program guide and then go to TELL ME MORE. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.