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No Time For Laughs Dr. Jones, These Jokes Are Fast


Hey, Melissa.



CORNISH: What did the ocean say to the beach?

BLOCK: I give up. What?

CORNISH: Nothing. It just waived.

BLOCK: OK, Audie.


BLOCK: How do you make an egg laugh?

CORNISH: I don't know.

BLOCK: Tell it a yolk.

CORNISH: Ah, we're going to keep our day jobs. (Laughter) But an actual comedian, a Brit named Clive Greenaway, told some similar yolks, a lot of them very quickly, and now has a Guinness World Record.


CLIVE GREENAWAY: Went to a corner shop for all four corners. Went to a paper shop. It had blown away. Went to a seafood dance, pulled a mussel.

CORNISH: OK, he's really hard to understand there, so let's repeat. Went to a seafood dance, pulled a mussel.

BLOCK: OK. Greenaway told a joke every two seconds for a total of 26 jokes in a minute.

CORNISH: He broke the previous world record of 21.

BLOCK: His jokes didn't have to be original, clearly, but each one had to have a setup and punch line.

CORNISH: And each had to earn a genuine laugh from the audience.

BLOCK: Now, this was not the comedian's first attempt at a world record.

GREENAWAY: I like taking driving tests.

CORNISH: No joke. Twenty years ago Greenaway tried to create a new world record for driver's licenses. He passed 25 tests for a variety of vehicles.

BLOCK: Motorcycles, buses, tanks.


BLOCK: You're welcome.

GREENAWAY: But Guinness wouldn't confirm that one because our own license authority said it would be against the Data Protection Act to reveal it.

BLOCK: Now that Greenaway has a record for telling the most jokes in one minute, he's gearing up for a new challenge.

CORNISH: Telling the most jokes in 10 seconds. Clive Greenaway, start your engines.

GREENAWAY: Exit signs - they're on the way out. Two elephants fall off a cliff - bum bum. I'm on a whiskey diet, I lost three days last week. A man walks... Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.