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BTH: Collierville Town Administrator Reflects on Nearly Three Decades of Growth

Collierville Town Administrator James Lewellen is retiring after 27 years on the job. When he started, the quiet municipality had not yet experienced a fraction of the growth and development of surrounding areas such as Germantown.

Lewellen says the question on everyone's mind then was "What is Collierville going to be?" 

In 1995, Lewellen says he knew Collierville would pick up traction and grow. During his first year in office, Collierville unveiled plans for its first county hospital and a new FedEx World Technology Center. Lewellen says these development projects, in addition to the town creating its own school system, have been both game changers and population magnets.

On Channel 10’s Behind the Headlines, with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Abigail Warren, Lewellen discusses how he has handled education, development, and the flood of new residents.

Wrapping up, Lewellen talks about the challenges and expectations awaiting the next Town Administrator.