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BTH: Planning for a Better Memphis

Paul Young, President and CEO of the Downtown Memphis Commission, says that "Memphis Vision Plan 2000" was created in the 1980s to grow Memphis, but "what we didn't bank on was the fact that the people that lived in the core of the city would be the ones to move farther out. We thought we would just grow as a whole." As a result, many businesses left and the number of blighted properties grew.

In recent years, several organizations and government officials have worked on proposals like Greenprint Plan and Memphis 3.0, to ensure an increase in local development and population growth - especially in the core areas of Memphis.

Young joins guests John Zeanah, Director of Memphis and Shelby County's Division of Planning and Development, and Sutton Mora, EVP and COO of Community Foundation of Greater Memphis on this week's WKNO/Channel 10 Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes. Guests discuss what it takes to ensure the success and growth of a city.

Wrapping up, guests talk about the legacy of deceased city planner Tommy Pacello and Paul Young's announcement to run for Mayor of Memphis in 2023.