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BTH: Journalists Discuss MPD, Pending Legislation, Political Uncertainty

In late April, Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn "C.J." Davis announced to the Memphis City Council that the Police Department (MPD) would begin enforcing a 1996 youth curfew. The Greenlaw Community Center would serve as a detaining facility until parents could arrive, says Daily Memphian reporter Julia Baker.

On Tuesday, May 23 Davis held a town meeting at the Greenlaw Community Center in which she told attendees that the MPD had never planned to use Greenlaw as a detaining center. The misinformation has added to the uncertainty and concerns surrounding the enforcement of said curfew, says Baker.

Eric Barnes hosts a journalist roundtable on this week's channel 10 Behind the Headlines with the Memphis Flyer's Tony Sells and Daily Memphian reporters Bill Dries and Julia Baker. Guests talk about youth curfew, as well as a recent ruling that now allows anyone to run for Memphis Mayor, as long as they are a city resident when they win.

Wrapping up, guests discuss third grade reading levels and insufficient transparency to changes in bail reform and gun legislation.