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BTH: Floyd Bonner on Crime and Current Mayoral Campaign

Floyd Bonner Jr. has served in law enforcement for nearly 42 years. Elected Shelby County Sheriff in 2018, Bonner says that the revolving door happening in the local court system is getting out of hand. "We are arresting the same people over again and they are getting out on low or no bonds," he says.

"It's frustrating," Bonner adds, "especially when you take a juvenile to jail and they are kinda laughing at the officer — demoralizing the officer — saying things like 'I don't know why you are taking me down [to jail] they are gonna let me right back out.'"

Bonner joins this week's WKNO/Channel 10's Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Bill Dries. Bonner talks about the current state of criminal justice and public safety in Memphis, as well as what he would do if elected mayor.

In addition, Bonner discusses MLGW, economic development, and some of the main concerns the citizens of Memphis have.