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BTH: Mayor Jim Strickland Reflects on Eight Years in Office | Part 1 of 2

At the end of December, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland will leave office, to be succeeded by Mayor-elect Paul Young. With just a handful of weeks left in his second and last term, Strickland is "optimistic but not positive" he can help close major deals involving local arenas, parks, and stadiums.

Strickland joins this week's Channel 10 Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and the Daily Memphian reporter Bill Dries for the first of two episodes looking back on Strickland's tenure.

This week, Strickland specifically discusses crime, sport complexes, some challenges of being mayor, bail reform and more.

Part Two airs Friday, November 24 at 7 p.m. on WKNO/Channel 10.