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Systems Change, Not People

By John Malmo


06-10-2009: Systems Change, Not People. By John Malmo. http://www.johnmalmo.com

Memphis, TN – In order to know what is in store for the future of media, look to human nature and habit, rather than to consultants and predictions. To predict the future of information systems, first dial-in some human traits: greed, laziness, and selfishness. Then try to devise an information system that accommodates those traits to the greatest extent for the greatest number. That's where you'll find an idea that will work.

John Malmo is chairman emeritus of Archer/Malmo Advertising and an independent marketing consultant. To reach Mr. Malmo - or to buy a copy of his book When on the Mountain There is no Tiger, Monkey Is King - go to http://www.johnmalmo.com.