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Let the Practice Fit the Sermon

By John Malmo


Let the Practice Fit the Sermon, by John Malmo

Memphis, TN – Anything about brand naming grabs my attention. In addition to being so important, the issue of brand names also is fascinating. So here's an article in Business News Daily from the managing editor. "Your name should be simple and memorable, and it should say what you do," she wrote. "Most importantly, it should catch people's attention." She then lists several new brand names as examples of what she preaches. And it's not her sermon that's wrong. It's her post-sermon sins.

I Wear Your Shirt is one of her examples. Do you know what that company does? It is a social media consultant. What do you think The Style Factory makes? It's an online researcher to learn consumer style preference. Did you know that from the name?

A lot of people who write this stuff begin with a plausible set of criteria. Then, when they get around to the application, they forget all about their own rules. They lean to cute, or different, or funny. Most occur with the advent of new business categories.

If nobody knows what a search engine is, it's OK to name them Yahoo and Google. Consumers are learning about the category and brands at the same time. But otherwise, let the practice match the sermon.

John Malmo is a marketing consultant who concentrates on helping business owners grow their businesses with effective marketing. To reach Mr. Malmo, hear and read more of his commentaries, or ask him a direct question, go to askmalmo.com.