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Make your own Fondue Night

Commercial Appeal

It’s easy being cheesy...

...at Greys Fine Cheese and Entertaining.

This gourmet cheese shop opened last May at 709 S. Mendenhall Road in East Memphis.

Owners Jackie Mau and Kurt Mullican offer a wide selection of artisan cheeses, plus everything you will need to serve your cheese. They also host educational special events such as Fondue Nights.

Kurt, who is the official cheese monger of Greys, offered his top tips for fondue at home!

Tip #1: The Cheese

Fondue doesn’t have to be two or three cheeses (traditionally Gruyere, Vacherin and/or Emmentaler). It can be a single cheese that you know you like! Kurt says cheeses like Gruyere and Comte make wonderful fondues by themselves.

Tip #2: The Wine

Use a cup of dry white wine for every pound of cheese you use, plus another splash or two. If you can, Kurt suggests that you find a wine from the same region your cheese is from.

Tip #3: Cooking Fondue

Kurt says grating your cheese will allow for quicker melting than cubing it.

In a pan, pour in your wine, add a clove of garlic or two along with a crank of black pepper. Whisk your cheese in once the wine is simmering. Whisk until the fondue is smooth and melty.

Tip #4: Serving Fondue

Once your cheese is melted in, your fondue is ready to serve.

Kurt says to serve with any combination of baguette slices, sliced green apple, cornichons, blanched vegetables … or get wild and use tater tots. Kurt says there are no rules!

He does suggest having a glass of the same wine you used for the fondue with your meal. It will compliment nicely.

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Bon Appetit!

For more information about Greys Fine Cheese and Entertaining, visit greyscheese.com.