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Rethinking Our Relationship to Food

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Our culture is full of messages that run counter to a true understanding of wellness. The way we approach food is a good example.

There are so many differing versions of weight loss diets that will make your head spin. Food should be thought of as the primary source of staying healthy. Eating for wellness should not leave you thinking about food every second of the day, either wishing you could eat something or regretting that you did.

Many of us treat food more like a hill to be conquered than an important part of who we are. You don't need to follow a fad diet to be healthy. Just eat the way Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad did. They always ate food that was locally grown. They ate food that was grown close to the ground. They never ate alone and they never ordered food from the driver's seat of their car and ate in their lap on the way to work. They never did this and neither should you.

The summer is the perfect time to rethink your relationship to food. Your mother told you that you are what you eat. She was right. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.

Dr. G. Scott Morris, M.D., M.Div, is founder and CEO of Church Health, which opened in 1987 to provide quality, affordable health care for working, uninsured or underserved people and their families. In FY2021, Church Health had over 61,300 patient visits. Dr. Morris has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, and M.D. from Emory University. He is a board-certified family practice physician and an ordained United Methodist minister.