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Hospitality Hub Studio Housing Project


The pandemic posed tremendous challenges for people experiencing homelessness. The nonprofit Hospitality Hub recognized the need for non-congregant spaces where people, especially those with mental illness, can safely stay, protected from both the streets and the threat of COVID-19.

Hospitality Hub creatively and compassionately served clients during the pandemic in many ways. One is the Studio Housing Project: a village of one-bedroom studio houses where the most vulnerable can live temporarily while they work towards permanent housing. There are currently five of the one-room dwellings on the site of the old Washington Avenue inspection station, with plans to build dozens more. Hospitality Hub developed the studios through a trauma-informed lens, and Hub partners like Catholic Charities provide housing navigation to Studio clients as they are ready.

While COVID emphasized needs, it also created opportunities for innovation that will build resilience. One long term effect: With the creation of the Studio Housing village, Hospitality Hub and its partners will effectively eliminate the waiting list for rapid rehousing in Memphis.