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Hope for the New Year

A car passenger view from a car window, looking into the wing mirror as the car drives down a countryside road.
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At every year's end, there are things we look back on with regret.

But it's important to leave in the past, those things that are over. We all have our own list of regrets, and I doubt any two of us would agree. Soren Kierkegaard once said, "Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward." I would amend that to say instead that, life must be lived in the present moment. And it's critical to keep our heads in the room. We can't change the past and most of the future will remain a surprise. And if we don't give our full undivided attention to what is happening in the here and the now, we will most certainly blunder into the next moment. So, while I understand why many might regret events of 2023 and have trepidation about the coming year, the possibility for joy and fulfillment in this moment actually makes me hopeful for my own life, my city, and the world. This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.

Dr. G. Scott Morris, M.D., M.Div, is founder and CEO of Church Health, which opened in 1987 to provide quality, affordable health care for working, uninsured or underserved people and their families. In FY2021, Church Health had over 61,300 patient visits. Dr. Morris has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, and M.D. from Emory University. He is a board-certified family practice physician and an ordained United Methodist minister.