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Jeff Tweedy, The Byrds, Keith Jarrett

New solo recording from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy; Remembering the music of The Byrds; The magnificent defeat of Jay Bennett; Hook-filled jangle pop from Benjy Ferree; North Carolina's feel-good rockers, Annuals; Music from the shadows with Emily Haines; Brazilian samba singer Marisa Monte; Piano improvisations by Keith Jarrett.

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Jeff Tweedy, The Byrds, Keith Jarrett

Shot in the Arm

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy went on a brief solo tour earlier this year. Highlights of his one-man, acoustic performances are showcased on this new DVD.

Hickory Wind

A new collection of music by The Byrds is filled with 99 songs and several videos. The track featured here, written by Gram Parsons, was originally from the 1969 LP Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

Slow Beautifully Seconds Faster

After breaking ties with his old band, Wilco, in 2001, Jay Bennett embarked on a solo career with marginal success. His latest album is likely to get the most attention. It's his strongest work to date, with some remarkable production. Bennett calls the album a healing process, following the death of four family members and other personal turmoil.

Leaving the Nest (It's a Long Way Down)

Benjy Ferree was once a nanny for film director David Lynch. Now, when he's not making music, he's tending bar at a Washington, D.C. restaurant. His rolling, sometimes playful and romping songs are collected on a debut CD produced by Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty.

Carry Around

Annuals are based in Raleigh, North Carolina and make what's been called "shiny happy rock." The group features Adam Baker (vocals), Kenny Florence (guitar), Mike Robinson (bass), Zack Oden (guitar), Anna Spence (piano), and Nick Radford (drums).

Doctor Blind

Emily Haines is a part-time member of Broken Social Scene and the lead singer for the Toronto band Metric. As a solo artist her sometimes ghostly music seems to echo from another world. British art rocker Robert Wyatt, a fan, says Haines has "inherited wisdom beyond her years" and "keeps to the shadows."

Universo ao Meu Redor

Marisa Monte is a multi-platinum selling Brazilian pop artist. She's just released two CDs after a four-year hiatus. For this album she takes on Brazil's most popular music form, samba. Most of the songs were written by Monte, Arnaldo Antunes and Carlinhos Brown.

Part II (Disc 1)

For his latest CD, jazz pianist Keith Jarrett played Carnegie Hall without preparing any songs. Each piece was completely improvised and recorded live.