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World Seed Banker Speaks In Memphis

By Candice Ludlow


Memphis, TN – Cary Fowler, a humble and modest man from Memphis, Tennessee, works to save the world, seed by seed. Cary Fowler is the Executive Director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust: A Foundation for Food Security in Rome.

On February 26th, 269,000 crop varieties were deposited into the Svalbard Seed Vault near the North Pole. Within the next couple of years, he hopes that deposits will reach 1.5 million varieties. Fowler spoke with Candice Ludlow at WKNO prior to his talk at the Pink Palace later today.

For Fowler, the journey to protect humanity through crop diversity started with an article by Jack Harlan during the 1970's. Now, he's leading the charge for global crop diversity and food security through his efforts to save and catalog the world's food crops.

The Pink Palace Museum will host Dr. Cary Fowler tonight at the Pink Palace Mansion Theater at 7:00 PM. Reception is at 6:30. The Pink Palace is located at 3050 Central Avenue in Memphis.