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Jerry's Sno Cone: Not for Locals Only

Candice Ludlow

On hot summer days, like today, people line up at Wells Station and Reed in East Memphis to get a cool tasty treat.  Lines are often to the street outside the bright pink and turquoise building that used to be a Sinclair Gas Station.  You can still see remnants of the car wash here, but that’s from a long time ago because Jerry’s Sno Cone is in its forty-sixth year.

A Jerry’s Sno Cone is not your typical snow cone in a cone-shaped cup with a rounded scoop of ice one top.  No.  It’s served in a Styrofoam cup with a spoon. 

Megan Turner is 12 and lives in Memphis.  She just got her snow cone from the side window.  As I peer into her cup, she tells me she got a “John Deere with ice cream.” 

“Okay, what’s the John Deere?” I ask.

Turner says, “It’s vanilla with bubble gum.”

Any snow cone with ice cream at Jerry’s is called a supreme.  With or without ice cream, the flavors are wild, including Wedding Cake, Spiderman, Mango Tango and many more.

Shaveeka Elliott lives in the Raleigh-Millington area.  She’s a regular. With sweat pouring down her face, she’s waiting near the side window for her afternoon treat.    

“I’ve been here a lot of times.”  Elliott continues, “Maybe 50 in the last three years.”

Beware, you run the risk of a brain freeze when you go to Jerry’s.