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The Outside Does Count When It Comes To Food Labels

If you find yourself spending additional hours in the grocery store, you are probably one of those "label readers."

Good news, the Food and Drug Administration is going to make it easier for you, or at least you will be able to read your labels without glasses.

•    You will immediately be able to see the bolder print for the serving size and calorie content of your food purchase.
•    Portion sizes will be based on what people do consume, not what they should consume. Instead of the ice cream container stating there are 4 servings in the container at 200 calories per serving, it will show only 2 servings at 400 calories per serving.
•    The per-serving size and per-container value will listed be side by side on the label. So, if you indulge in the entire contents of the package, it will be easier to identify the additional calories and nutrients.
•    The new label will reflect nutrients which are more important to our current dietary needs.  Vitamin A and Vitamin C deficiencies are rare and will no longer be listed on the product label. Vitamin D will be added for its benefits to bone health and potassium will be included due to its benefit to lowering blood pressure.
•    Nutrients will be measured in milligrams and percentage met based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  
•    Labels will distinguish between natural occurring sugar from added sugar. Females should have no more sugar than 25 g per day and males 32g per day.

We are at times lured in by the claims on the front of the package, but it is more important turn it around and find out what is really on the inside.

This is Sheila Harrell with Church Health (formerly known as Church Health Center.)




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