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The Menopause Maze

Change is inevitable and if you are a female and are fortunate enough, you will eventually experience the change also known as menopause.

There is not a class you can take to help you manage symptoms, but Mayo Clinic now offers a clinically proven reference guide for over 6,000 women who struggle with the symptoms of menopause every year. According to Dr. Faubion, medical editor or The Menopause Solution, this resource will help guide you through this season in life which may last for 10 years. As one of the leading experts in the nation, she summarizes that "understanding what is happening to your body and what you can do about it is key."

Although no one is alike, this book offers tips on navigating the body's response to hormonal changes.  Discovering what your triggers are will help you to manage your symptoms, such as hot flashes, migraines, weight gain and sleep problems.

Self care recommendations include:
•    Taking Yoga or Tai Chi to help alleviate stress, improve mood and aid sleep.
•    Getting at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week.
•    Adding strength training twice per week to help maintain muscle mass.
•    Choosing whole grain foods, green leafy vegetables, lean protein and healthy fat.
•    Maintaining a healthy waistline of less than 35 inches.
•    Kicking unhealthy habits such as smoking.
•    Keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers under control.
•    Discussing symptoms and treatment options with your physician.

Remember, one size does not fit everyone. Prioritize your body's changing needs, practice healthy living and pamper yourself. You have earned it.

This is Sheila Harrell withChurch Health.

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