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Wholeness Through Community

Church Health

What does it look like to live a full and meaningful life?

It is never just about how long you live or how much money you make. There are no pills that cause a sense of fulfillment, and it doesn’t happen in a doctor’s office.

At Church Health, we believe that a balanced life – one that strives for more joy, more love and a connection to things greater than we are – is the only way you can achieve this goal. It takes work to get there, and it cannot be done all alone.

I am convinced that finding a community of supporters who are on this journey with you is critical to your success. Do you have a community in your life? If not, I hope you will begin soon to find it. This goes beyond your faith community. It can be a bowling team. A group that you meditate with or do Pilates with. Who you walk with or tailgate with.

The point is, we were created as social beings and need each other. If you have such a group, use it to reinforce the joy of life and the bonds of love. If it doesn’t move you in a positive direction, it might be time to find another community.

We all need this love in our lives, and it is never too late to find a group where you can belong.

This is Scott Morris for Church Health.