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Merry Christmas from Church Health

Crosstown Arts

When I was a child, growing up in Atlanta, the thing I most looked forward to at Christmas was riding the pink pig at Rich’s Department Store. 

The pink pig was a small train that wandered through the toy department of the store. It wasn’t my fantasy of getting toys that I looked forward to; it was the adventure.

This Christmas, no one will be riding the pink pig. But our lives must still be filled with the desire for adventure that brings us joy if we are to move on from this most difficult calamity we are in. However you view Christmas, it for the most part brings out the good in all of us. It binds us to the love God has for us as fragile human beings. And Christmas points us in the direction that leads us to being fully alive.

I trust, you will embrace that hope.

From all of us at Church Health, I wish you a truly Merry Christmas. This is Dr. Scott Morris.