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BTH: Germantown Mayor on Schools, COVID-19, More


This week on Channel 10’s Behind the Headlines Germantown Mayor Mike Palazzolo joins host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Abigail Warren to talk about the future of the municipal school system.

A proposed bill in the Tennessee legislature would make it illegal for one school district to operate within the boundary of another school district. If passed, Germantown Elementary, Middle, and High schools (the 3Gs) will be affected, as they are currently run by Shelby County Schools (SCS). City of Germantown Mayor, Mike Palazzolo says that despite the measure, SCS already plans to relinquish the 3Gs to Germantown as part of SCS's "Reimagine 901" plan.

Discussing schools, COVID-19, and more, Palazzolo joins this week’s WKNO-TV Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Abigail Warren.