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Judge Rules in Favor Of Elvis Presley Heir Asking to Stop A Proposed Sale of Graceland Estate

A photo of Elvis Presley on display at Graceland.
Katie Riordan
A photo of Elvis Presley on display at Graceland.

A Shelby County judge called off a public auction of Elvis Presley’s Graceland home advertised to take place Thursday in Memphis.

Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins issued the temporary injunction at the request of the late singer’s granddaughter who inherited the tourist attraction and claims in a lawsuit that the planned sale amounts to fraud.

A company called Naussany Investments and Private Lending initially posted the notice for sale of the estate. They say Presley’s deceased daughter Lisa Marie failed to pay back a $3.8 million loan and used Graceland as collateral.

But Riley Keough, Presley’s granddaughter, alleges that documents related to the purported loan – including those with her mother’s and a notary’s signature – are falsified.

Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins said at a court hearing Wednesday morning that it serves the public interest to deny a possible sale of the home for now.

“Particularly here in Shelby County, where Graceland is a part of this community – well loved by this community and indeed around the world,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said he would allow time for Naussany Investments to reply to the lawsuit but noted that evidence presented in the suit raises questions about the authenticity of the company’s claims about the property.

The company had no legal representation present at the hearing but a motion filed by Gregory Naussany called the claims made against the company “unfounded.”

Later a person identified as Gregory Naussany issued an emailed statement to several media outlets indicating that the company would not proceed with its case.

The representative did not respond to WKNO’s request for comment.

A court clerk reached by phone said no new filings had been received for the case as of Wednesday afternoon.

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