Watch: TN Governor on COVID-19, July 08

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Watch the TN Governor Bill Lee briefing on COVID-19 in Tennessee, on Thursday, July 08 at 3:00 PM. 

Church Health Summer Safety Tips

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Summertime means stocking up on sunscreen and bug spray. Add hand sanitizer to that list. Here are some tips for a safe summer while dealing with a pandemic.



For the first time, Tennessee’s State Capitol Commission is likely to vote for the removal of the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest. The monument to the Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan grand wizard has been inside the building since 1978.

Gov. Bill Lee is scheduled to address the panel Thursday. It’s unclear if Lee will openly say whether he supports the removal of the Forrest bust.

Last week, he told reporters he wanted to follow the process laid out in state law when removing a monument.

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Shelby County is reviving restrictions on some businesses as the coronavirus spreads at unprecedented levels. New regulations, taking effect Wednesday night, will shutter bars and require restaurants to close by 10 p.m.

Food can still be served at bar seating areas in restaurants, under the new health directive. 

Watch: Shelby County Joint Task Force

Jul 7, 2020

  Watch the Shelby County Joint Task Force briefing on COVID-19, from July 7. 

Click here to watch.

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Black-owned restaurants and food businesses have shaped the culinary scene of Memphis.

School Choice During Pandemic: In Class or Online

Jul 6, 2020
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Shelby County Schools released its initial fall semester re-entry plan for students on Monday. Parents now have the next two weeks, or until July 18, to choose between classroom instruction or virtual learning from home. 

The school district wants a semester-long commitment from parents so it can staff appropriately when the school year is slated to begin August 31, pending School Board approval.

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It's official: facial coverings are now required in businesses and public places countywide. An emergency directive was issued early Friday by the Shelby County Health Department as the infection rate here continues to skyrocket. 

This afternoon, Gov. Bill Lee issued Executive Order 54 authorizing the mayors of 89 Tennessee counties to issue local mask requirements, erasing questions of legality at the local level. 

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As Independence Day weekend arrives, local COVID-19 infections are hitting record numbers, prompting local officials to ramp up pleas for people to celebrate with social distance.

“Have the grit to wear a mask,” said City of Memphis Chief Operating Officer Doug McGowen, who at Thursday’s COVID briefing, took a patriotic tone in light of the upcoming holiday. “Let’s grind this thing out in small groups—not large groups—so that when we get past this we can come together in celebration like we’ve done so many times before when we’ve conquered a challenge.”

In an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the City of Memphis passed an ordinance requiring face coverings in public. Memphis City Councilman (Super District 8) JB Smiley joins this week’s Behind the Headlines on WKNO-TV with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian reporter Bill Dries. Smiley says there have been mixed reactions from constituents (depending on the zip code) about the mask ordinance and how the City should respond to the pandemic. 


Smiley also talks about local police reform and legislation that could change the way the Memphis Police Department operates. 


Wrapping up, Smiley discusses the city’s 2020-2021 budget season and the economic effect COVID-19 may have.