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Just under two-thirds of Tennesseans are currently under a mask mandate, according to researchers from Vanderbilt University, who recently found that mandates are, in part, helping to lower hospitalization rates and COVID-19 related deaths. 

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For months, investigative reporter Marc Perrusquia has been looking into a large tranche of excessive force allegations at the Memphis Police Department. He found that in many cases, MPD was treating the incidents as internal issues instead of referring them to the District Attorney as potentially criminal acts. 

Watch: Shelby County Joint Task Force

Nov 10, 2020


Watch the Shelby County Joint Task Force briefing on COVID-19, from November 10th (starting at 12:00PM).

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Jobs are still returning, slowly, since the pandemic shutdown back in March. While many small, local businesses are still recovering, one sector has fared much better than expected: shipping. 

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Like many other Republicans across the country, Gov. Bill Lee is not recognizing Joe Biden as the president-elect. At least for now.

Talking to reporters Monday, Lee said there are some processes that have not concluded, like recounts in some states and legal challenges.


“Legally cast ballots are being counted and confirmed and that’s what’s happening. We need for that process to happen,” Lee said. “When there is any concern about that process not legally being appropriated, then it’s being challenged, and we see that to the end.”

Joe Biden will address the American people as president-elect after a win in Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral-vote threshold needed on Saturday at 7PM. Watch his remarks live.



The state of Tennessee will not execute Pervis Payne next month, as planned.

Gov. Bill Lee announced Friday that he is a postponing Payne’s execution until April of next year, because of COVID-19. Riverbend Maximum Security Facility, where executions take place, has been closed to the public since March.

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A COVID-19 testing program aimed at finding asymptomatic carriers of the virus is growing to include some Memphis restaurants and other businesses. 

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Shelby County election officials expected a long and unusually complicated counting process for the 2020 vote. Ultimately, the preparation and staffing increases led to a largely trouble-free night during one of the biggest election turnouts ever. 

Political analyst Otis Sanford commends the smooth vote. He also discusses some of the local election results and what they signify for the political makeup of Shelby County moving ahead. 

BTH: Shelby County Party Leaders Discuss 2020 Turnout

Nov 5, 2020

Sixty-five percent of eligible voters in Shelby County came out to the polls for Tuesday's election. Shelby County Republican Chairman Chris Tutor says despite the turnout, the expected “blue wave did not reach the shore,” and many expectations for Democrats in the 2020 election came up short. 


Tutor and the Shelby County Democratic Chairman Michael Harris join this week’s WKNO-TV Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and The Daily Memphian’s Bill Dries. Harris discusses how the record early voting turnout showcases Democrat's strong local voting bloc.   


In addition, guests analyze the 2020 federal, state and local elections.