Katie Riordan

On a recent Saturday, a group of masked neighbors living on Buena Vista Street in Midtown Memphis congregate—at a distance, of course— on Jeff Warren’s front yard.

“We hope to be the Buena Vista model,” says Warren, who is a medical doctor and a member of the City Council.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Dec 16, 2020
Church Health

The holiday season is notorious for deliciously rich food and limitless libations, and the New Year brings new health goals to combat the holiday damage.

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Some Memphis-area hospitals anticipate beginning to inoculate frontline healthcare workers this week with their first shipments of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. But, the Shelby County Health Department is slated to receive its initial allotment of doses from Moderna, which has yet to receive regulatory approval for its vaccine but is expected to be cleared for distribution in a matter of days.

Watch: Shelby County Joint Task Force

Dec 15, 2020

Watch the Shelby County Joint Task Force briefing on COVID-19, from December 16th.

Click here to watch.

Mama's Spaghetti

Dec 15, 2020
Jennifer Chandler

Mama’s spaghetti. I wish I could say this recipe came from a true Italian, but this is the name my girls’ have affectionately given my meaty spaghetti sauce.

This was a live video of President-elect Joe Biden speaking after electors around the country cast their formal votes, confirming his presidential win. 

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School leaders in Memphis announced Friday they’ll delay bringing students back into classrooms until February because of a surge in COVID-19 cases in Shelby County.

Shelby County Schools had planned to start reopening schools on Jan. 4 after teaching virtually throughout the first semester.

The state’s largest district now plans to reopen classrooms on Feb. 8 for elementary-age students and Feb. 22 for grades 6-12 as the second semester begins.

Caleb Suggs/WKNO

Shelby County Commissioners this week introduced a new ordinance that would fine businesses $50 per violation of COVID-19 restrictions related to masking, social distancing and capacity. While it would give the health department some teeth in the fight to stop the spread, some still question whether fines will be useful. Political analyst Otis Sanford tells us "Money Talks."

After six years of leading the National Civil Rights Museum, Terri Lee Freeman plans to take a new job at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History & Culture in Baltimore, Md.

Katie Riordan

As teams of inspectors from the Shelby County Health Department scour local establishments this weekend for violations related to COVID-19 restrictions, they'll be showing up with some back up: law enforcement.