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Shelby County’s Latino community makes up about seven percent of the population, but represents about 20 percent of the overall cases of COVID-19. In its latest response, the health department is using mass testing events to build trust and dispel misinformation. 

This past weekend, the Shelby County Health Department prepared to test up to 300 people at two different Memphis churches serving the Spanish-speaking community. About 60 people showed up over two days.  

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He's tall. Six feet, nine inches. With broad shoulders and intense eyes. 

"I've been incarcerated the majority of my life," says the man, admittedly no saint. But since July 2019, he's been addled with fear and doubt. That's when two MPD patrolmen randomly stopped him on the street, handcuffed him and frisked him. 

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Recent court rulings have created a lot of confusion regarding who can request mail-in ballots and voting in general.

And, as a crucial election approaches, Tennesseans have reached out with their pressing questions.

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Sen. Lamar Alexander on Sunday said he supports fellow Republicans’ efforts to take up a Supreme Court justice nomination during this presidential election year, squashing speculation that the retiring Tennessean might buck party leadership.

BTH: Sheriff Floyd Bonner on Police Reform Proposals

Sep 18, 2020

The Shelby County Commission has proposed three new ordinances designed to address recent protests over policing. Each would apply strictly to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. The first requires decertifying police officers who have used excessive force, and creating a database to keep track of those officers. The second would give the commission approval over any purchases of military surplus equipment. The last would prevent police officers from using chemical agents such as tear gas on protestors.  


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When Shelby County Schools Superintendent Joris Ray moved classes entirely online for the fall, the decision was hailed as difficult, but necessary to ensure the safety of students during the epidemic. 

But parents, students and even some coaches are balking at his closing of all sporting events. It would particularly affect young football players who have been practicing in anticipation that they would be able to play. 

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Despite warnings from officials not to become too lax with social gatherings and distancing, Labor Day weekend celebrations have likely contributed to a spike in coronavirus infections in Shelby County. 

On Thursday, there were a reported 293 new cases, the second time this week the new daily count has been more than 200. Health Department Director Dr. Alisa Haushalter says infections can take up to 14 days to appear because of the incubation period for the virus, which is why officials believe the holiday weekend played a role in the increase.

Watch: TN Governor on COVID-19, September 17

Sep 17, 2020

Watch the TN Governor Bill Lee briefing on COVID-19 in Tennessee, from September 17th.

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Earlier this month, a half-dozen patients gathered in a cramped conference room on campus. They snacked on turkey sandwiches and potato chips and listened to the pitch from their physician, Dr. Vladimir Berthaud.

“What’s the best hope to get rid of this virus?” he asked them.

“Vaccination,” they replied.

Then Berthaud followed up: “So raise your hand if you would like to take the vaccine?”

Some hands shot up, but not all.

Watch: Shelby County Joint Task Force

Sep 17, 2020

Watch the Shelby County Joint Task Force briefing on COVID-19, from September 17th.

Click here to watch.