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TN Politics: Overstepping Boundaries Raises Legal Questions

Christopher Blank

The Memphis Zoo wants more parking. The State of Mississippi wants to own Memphis water. This week political analyst Otis Sanford starts the conversation on how these debates are playing out.

The Memphis Zoo announced it was ditching plans to build a parking garage because it was too expensive. Now the organization is back to its plan to cut into the Overton Park greensward with surface parking—a plan that originally provoked protests and legal battles. But this time, the City of Memphis says all parties signed off on the surface parking expansion.

Also this week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments from the State of Mississippi that it owns the water in the Memphis aquifer due to the close proximity of the state border. Sanford calls it "ridiculous," but the battle goes on because of the stakes. A win for Mississippi could add up to hundreds of millions of dollars.