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TN Politics: A Push for New Election Safeguards and for Special Session on COVID-19

Tennessee's Republican lawmakers are facing calls from Republican voters to add extra safeguards to voting such as paper ballots, even though the state claims it has one of the most secure systems in the country.

Political analyst Otis Sanford says it is partly due to a nationwide belief that the presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, though the state voted overwhelmingly for Trump and there was no indication of fraud.

Republican lawmakers are also meeting next week to vote on $500 million in incentives for the Ford Motor Company to move its new electric truck factory to West Tennessee. Sanford says that Gov. Bill Lee has invested too much political capitol for it to be derailed at this point.

However, Republicans are also calling for an additional special session to pass laws in defiance of federal vaccine mandates. Sanford said such laws would likely be challenged in the courts.

Additionally this week, the State of Mississippi is moving forward with a new app that is an electronic "wallet" for state IDs and licenses.