BTH: Berlin Boyd Defends Recent Votes in Council

Nov 30, 2018

Memphis City Council Chairman Berlin Boyd on WKNO's Behind the Headlines
Credit WKNO-TV

With three vacancies on the Memphis City Council, members will soon get to choose the temporary replacements until the next election. But filling just one of those seats wasn't without controversy. 

This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines Memphis City Council Chairman Berlin Boyd says it has been a challenge because the two candidates who applied were unable to get the needed votes. Boyd's refusal to break a tie led to questions about his leadership, though he argues that the candidates are not polished enough and that clear party and racial lines being drawn. One way to fix the issue, Boyd says, is for the City Council to open up the election to new candidates.

Boyd also talks about his support for three charter amendments, which were voted down in the last election. He wanted to see the amendments passed because he thought members should be able to stay in office longer than two terms, citing their "institutional knowledge."

Boyd also weighs in on potentially ending the TVA’s contract with Memphis and an increase to MLG&W bills, saying he'll only vote for things which will help growth in Memphis.