BTH: Greater Memphis Chamber

Oct 23, 2018

This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines, host Eric Barnes caught up with Eric Miller, David McKinney and Ernest Strickland with the Greater Memphis Chamber.  

Strickland, senior vice president of workforce development, says his role is to find and fulfill the needs and demands of companies, however that may translate. Strickland adds that it’s not all about attracting new companies; the Greater Memphis Chamber has to keep current Memphis businesses happy.  

Eric Miller, senior vice president of economic development, agrees with Strickland about maintaining Memphis' appeal to local businesses. Miller’s job, he says, is to weigh the cost and benefits of companies being in Memphis. Miller explains that his work is data-driven as he tries to play up the strengths of Memphis' communities and what they have to offer companies. 

David McKinney, senior vice president of public policy, says that one way in which the Greater Memphis Chamber is able to obtain and keep businesses is through advocating with state and federal governments.

By pushing for certain legislation, like public transportation or education, McKinney says there is possibility for growth without having to rely on tax incentives.