BTH: Journalist Roundtable on Superintendent Search, Vouchers and Online Sports Betting

Apr 26, 2019

After the resignation of Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson, Dr. Joris M. Ray became temporary head of the state's largest district as the search for a replacement began.

Critics now wonder if there needs to be a search for the search.

On WKNO TV’S Behind the Headlines, Eric Barnes hosts a journalist roundtable concerning this and other issues. 

Laura Faith Kebede with Chalkbeat says that Dr. Ray is the favored candidate in a field of yet no others. He already has three of the six votes needed to receive the position. Kebede says, however, there will be a resolution vote on Tuesday (4-30) at the next School Board meeting.  


Continuing the topic of education, guests discuss Gov. Bill Lee’s voucher program, versions of which passed in the Tennessee Senate and House. Toby Sells with The Memphis Flyer explains some of the concerns people have with the voucher bill, which only funds the program in Shelby and Davidson counties, where neither school district wanted vouchers. One concern is fraudulent voucher spending and no oversight of private school testing standards.  


Bill Dries of the  Daily Memphian talks about the possibility of online sports betting in Shelby County and how it might be implemented.  


In addition, guests talk about downtown development in Memphis.