BTH: State Reps on Casada Scandal, School Vouchers, Gambling, and More

May 18, 2019

Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada has been under fire for racist and sexually explicit text messages exchanged with his former top aide. This week, Representatives from Memphis London Lamar and Antonio Parkinson discuss Casada on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines with host Eric Barnes and Daily Memphian Reporter Bill Dries.  



Lamar says she was shocked and disappointed by Casada’s messages. Lamar and Parkinson talk about what they believe should happen next. 


Governor Lee’s proposed school voucher program passed, but with new scrutiny. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into whether certain lawmakers were offered incentives for votes. Guests weigh in on the voting controversy. 


Online gambling in Tennessee, which also became legal this year, is discussed. Lamar says that she would rather tax revenue generated from gambling stay within the state, rather than exported to Arkansas or Mississippi. 


To wrap up, Parkinson discusses expungement and how he believes the nation has a crisis of mass incarceration.