Checking on the Arts: Marshall Grant

Marshall Grant talks with Darel Snodgrass during Checking on the Arts on 26 July 2010

Memphis, TN – Marshall Grant was the bassist for Johnny Cash's original backing duo, the Tennessee Two. Grant will be appearing at the Brooks Museum of Art Thursday, July 29th from 6p-9p where he will discuss his new book I Was There When It Happened, about his experiences with Johnny Cash.

"Luther Perkins and I worked at Automoble Sales as mechanics, and we'd bring our instruments to work sometimes - our guitars - and when there wasn't any work, we'd go back in the dressing room and pick around. I worked by the side of a fellow by the name of Roy Cash. Roy said, 'I've got a brother that's stationed in Germany who sings a little bit and plays a little bit. I bet he'd like to get with you guys when he gets out.'"

On July 15, 1954, Grant got to meet Roy's brother, J.R., who was returning from serving in Germany. Grant, Perkins, and Cash got together and, after a thirty day wait while J.R. Cash went to Texas to get married, the group started "strumming on the old guitars. And that's where it started, right there."

Marshall Grant chats with Darel Snodgrass about his new book and his long life in the music business.