Free 2-Year College Proposal Has Potential, Problems

Feb 10, 2014

Governor Bill Haslam shakes hands with students at Dyersburg State Community College in September, 2013. In addition to his Tennessee Promise tuition plan, the Governor’s budget includes funding for a new Williamson County campus of Columbia State and a new humanities building at Volunteer State in Gallatin.
Credit TN Photo Services/Flickr

Capitol Hill Conversation unpacks Governor Bill Haslam's proposal to offer every Tennessee high school grad a free 2-year college education.

Community colleges and tech schools were swamped with calls last week when the governor announced the plans to offer free tuition to high school graduates.

Lawmakers and education experts praised the proposal, one of the first of its kind in the nation. But others question if the funding -- drawn from state lottery profits -- is being properly used.

In this week’s question and answer session, Nashville Public Radio's Bradley George explores this issue with Andrea Zelinski. She covers state government for the Nashville Post and Nashville Scene.