Giving Back: Good for Others and Yourself

Jul 17, 2019

Living a healthy life must always be about more than what happens to the individual. 

Credit Pixabay

You cannot be healthy in isolation.

I need community: those who I love and who love me.

I must also find ways to give to that community in meaningful ways. That can be with your time, your talent or your financial resources.

At Church Health, people who support our work, I truly believe, are made healthier by the experience because giving engenders joy, one of the building blocks of a healthy life. I encourage you to find your path for giving back.

Become a mentor to a child.

Serve at a soup kitchen.

Raise money for a cause you care about.

There’s a long list of possibilities, but don’t do it just because it helps someone else. Do it also because it will help you.

Giving back removes you from the trap of self-involvement and opens your heart to the true joys of life. There’s no reason to wait to get started. Life is just too short not to begin now.

This is Dr. Scott Morris for Church Health.