Inconvenience Steps in Where Grocery Stores Fear to Tread

Jun 12, 2019

The Save-a-Lot on Sam Cooper brought a much needed grocery store to the Binghampton area.
Credit Photo by Joe Rondone, Courtesy of the Commercial Appeal

Two neighborhoods in Shelby County have been identified as "food deserts" -- areas where residents  have to travel up to a mile just to buy groceries. While that isn't a problem for many people, these neighborhoods -- in South Memphis and Frayser -- also have high poverty rates and residents who rely on public transportation. 

In a recent report by the Commercial Appeal's Desiree Stennett, for many people who are elderly, disabled or car-less, a simple run to the grocery store can easily turn into a three-hour ordeal. 

Stennett says that the solution isn't as simple as plopping discount food stores into underserved areas. Politics are often involved. And in the case of a proposed grocery store for Downtown and South Memphis, it doesn't bode well for low-income residents when a likely proprietor will want to cater to the influx of new high-income residents.