National Recovery Month

Sep 4, 2019

September is National Recovery Month. The goal of Recovery Month is to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can help people with a mental or substance use disorder.

Credit Church Health

We address this challenge on a daily basis at Church Health through specific outreach activities.  We are training people in Mental Health First Aid, we are playing a leadership role in our county’s alcohol and substance use disorder prevention efforts, and we support the recovery ministry at St. John’s UMC known as The Way.

If you would like to learn more about Mental Health First Aid or sign up for an upcoming class, visit  If you would like to learn about alcohol and substance use treatment and recovery programs, visit  And if you are interested in attending The Way and listening to some of the best music Memphis has to offer, go to St. John’s United Methodist Church in Midtown on any Friday night at 6pm. 

And finally, if your mental health or substance use is impacting your daily life, I encourage you to start a conversation with your primary care provider.

This is Butch Odom for Church Health.