Oversight Means Fixing Blame

May 16, 2012

People say it’s mean to try to fix blame. Say it’s too negative. But if you don’t fix blame, there will be more blame to fix. 

You can’t eliminate mistakes unless you can identify the source and take corrective action. And you can’t fix blame without careful oversight.

Consider every government program you can think of.

Almost all were enacted with good intentions, by reasonable and mostly intelligent legislators. But it’s hard to find a government program that is not fraught with inefficiencies and/or fraud simply from a lack of oversight.

American taxpayers are victims of billions of dollars in fraud in both Medicare, Medicaid and the food stamp programs.  These aren’t bad programs. These are programs without adequate oversight.

And what’s oversight? In business we call it management. A primary job of every manager at every level is oversight. Seeing that the job’s being done right and on time with a minimum of waste.

More business failures are due to a lack of proper execution than bad strategy. And proper execution is not possible without attentive management, which means very careful oversight. And careful oversight fixes blame and corrects the cause today to reduce the need to fix blame tomorrow.


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