Shady Grove Presbyterian Announces Fall "Salt" Series

Oct 11, 2012

Shady Grove Presbyterian Church presents season two of  'Salt:  Increasing the Richness of Faith,' a series of music, conversation and community each Thursday evening at 7 through Thanksgiving.

Addressing a specific theme each week, the program will weave poetry, literature, dance and music together to offer different views of topics ranging from "Neighborhoods," "Criminals," "Missing Things," and "Food."   Interested participants may go to the 'Salt Memphis' Facebook page to find the theme that will be explored, and are invited to bring related material to share. 

Jarrad Bingham, the religious leader at Shady Grove, created 'Salt' as "a way of responding to voids of meaning in the world."  The series is presented in a relaxed atmosphere that strives to foster community and explore ways to live a sincere life of faith.

I spoke to Bingham and two members of the congregation who are participating this season, clarinetist and music professor Carina Washington and radio producer Geoffrey Redick.

What:  Salt:  Increasing the Richness of Faith

Where:  Shady Grove Presbyterian Church, 5530 Shady Grove (at the corner of Shady Grove and Yates)

When:  Thursday evenings at 7 from October 11 through November 22

For more information:,, or 683-7329