Support the breastfeeding moms – and babies – in your community

Aug 7, 2019

In our modern world of digital everything, there is one precious commodity that you can’t buy on Amazon: breastmilk.

Credit Peter Howard

According to the CDC, breastfeeding rates have been on the rise here in Tennessee for the past several years. Most moms want to nurse their babies, and about 75% start out breastfeeding. As a doctor, this couldn’t make me happier. Breast milk is the perfect nourishment for newborns and babies up to age six months. It contains all the nourishment they need in the exact proportions.

But many moms find that the demands of work or other important obligations interfere with their desire to breast feed their babies.

A recent poll found that 20% of adults thought moms should not nurse their babies in public. I urge you to consider how your attitude or even something small like an offhand remark to a stranger can impact a mother’s decision about this important part of her child’s life.

  • Speak up at your workplace for the nursing moms you know.
  • Advocate for a safe, private place for them to pump and store their milk during work hours. 
  • Encourage nursing moms to continue nursing. Too often, we discourage moms by making comments about how hard it must be for them or how much easier it is to use formula.

Are you supporting the breastfeeding moms you know?

This is Dr. Susan Nelson for Church Health.