TN Politics: Bad Rap or Bungling? Last Minute Problems at the Polls Raise Concerns

Oct 26, 2018

Political analyst Otis Sanford on WKNO-FM.
Credit WKNO-FM

The Shelby County Election Commission has found itself, once again, under intense scrutiny in the days leading up to an important election. On Thursday, a chancery court decision required the commission to make last-minute changes to how it will verify voter registrations on Election Day. It follows criticisms by Democrats about the way in which candidates were listed on the ballot.

This week on Tennessee Politics, political analyist Otis Sanford and WKNO's Christopher Blank discuss the ongoing missteps that give the appearance of political bias, along with some thoughts about the three City of Memphis referenda that some council members -- after hearing numerous complaints about the confusing wording -- only days before the vote believe should be better promoted through a $40,000 education campaign.