TN Politics: COVID and Crime, a Match Made in Memphis?

Jul 10, 2020

On the surface, what they have in common is a body count. 

The coronavirus is on the rise in Memphis and Shelby County, as officials do a full reverse on plans to reopen bars and get restaurants up to full capacity. Deaths so far: More than 200.

The homicide rate in Memphis is also on the rise. According to a recent report, murders are up 30 percent. If the rate doesn't decline, 2020 could end with a record number of homicides. Deaths so far: More than 130.  

Political analyst Otis Sanford says we should be keeping an eye on how the virus may be driving social disruption that leads to more violence. But he also says the rising murder rate does not mean less attention should be paid to meaningful reform at the Memphis Police Department. 

Also this week, Sanford shares his thoughts on an initial vote to remove a bust of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state capitol building.